The International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation is a three-day event that aims to bring together experts, researchers, and practitioners from academia, industry, government, and civil society to discuss and exchange ideas on the challenges and opportunities of Sustainable Aviation subject. The symposium will cover the three pillars of sustainability in economic, environmental, and social aspects and will showcase the latest innovations and best practices in the field.

The symposium features keynote speeches, panel discussions, poster presentations, networking sessions, and a virtual exhibition of sustainable aviation products and services. The symposium will also provide opportunities for collaboration and partnership among the participants and stakeholders.

The symposium is organized by the International Sustainable Aviation and Energy Research Society (SARES), a leading organization that focuses on advancing the knowledge and practice of sustainable aviation. Anotech Engineering, who oversees the global aviation system, supports the symposium.

The symposium will occur at Granada University on 24-26 June 2024 in Granada, Spain. The symposium will also be live-streamed online for those who cannot attend in person.

The symposium is open to anyone interested in sustainable aviation, including academics, researchers, students, engineers, managers, policymakers, regulators, consultants, journalists, and activists. Please find the symposium registration details from this link.

Please visit the symposium website for the program, speakers, sponsors, and registration details. You can also follow the symposium on social media using the hashtag #ISSA24."